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Welcome to the official website of <Boneyard> Guild located on phoneix highrate server Alliance side.

We're raiding every sunday, monday and wednesday from 19:00-23:00 servertime.
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Boneyard Disbanded

xami_kaze, Apr 25, 11 10:02 AM.
I'm writing this last message to explain to everyone what have happened and why i decided to disband the guild.
Over the past few weeks we have had a gradually enlargend amount of high inactivity as well as we have lost a lot of members. This meaning that we ended up in a position were we had to mass recruit. As you all know this is something that rarely works. also with a few off the staff unable to raid as much anymore due to happenings IRL (in real life). Therefore rather than starting up at ground zero again i decided to disband the guild. Ive tried to potion out the guild bank among the players in the guild that i've found deserved things based on how much they have done for this guild. And to remove even more questions i have no intention of keeping anything from the guild bank myself. I hope this wont hit too hard on the guys that have done a great job keeping this guild alive and i hope your raiding experience with me was as great as mine was with you.

Best regards, Reach former guildmaster of Boneyard.

Molten Core Progression

xami_kaze, Apr 4, 11 7:46 AM.
The raid yesterday started out tough with a few uncalled for whipes and some issues with laggspikes and disconnect, but after Lucifron we kicked up the phase and worked our way down molten core. We managed to get 2 new kills in the guild starting off with Sulfuron whom we killed on the first try. After that on the last minute of the raid and with a few whipes we pulled it together and downed Majordomo wich means that we have now cleared 9/10 in molten core.

Great jobb everyone.

Progression update.

xami_kaze, Mar 30, 11 9:24 PM.
With Magmadar and Golemagg downed both in the first try we continue to progress our way down through Molten Core. Also we had our record of 34 people in one raid. Good job everyone.

MC Progress 7/10.

2 more bosses downed in MC

nanilial, Mar 27, 11 5:27 PM.
We have now downed Lucifron and shazzrah as well, both on first try.
We have now cleared 5/10 in MC.

Molten Core and AQ20 progress

nanilial, Mar 21, 11 6:20 PM.
Today we raided both AQ20 and MC.
We downed Kurinaxx for the second time, and would have tried for Rajaxx had there been enough healers in the raid.

In MC we downed Gehennas, Garr and Baron Geddon(last two on first try), with only 24 players.

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